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Agile Health Check

Delivering in agile can be a challenge to new and experienced organisations. We know that software development in businesses is costing way more than it should. We use our world class expertise to analyse your software delivery process and enable you to speed up, reduce costs and improve quality so your customers, revenue streams and teams are delighted.
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Player Coach Certifications

Most organisations do not have the cutting edge, agile and lean skills within their teams. Even when a business  spends large sums to send their teams on 2-5 day  training courses, they come back with little opportunity or guidance to actually put them into proper practice and the certification becomes a piece of paper never really used. 
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Pop Up Teams & Specialists

Sometimes organisations do not have the resource readily available to deliver a critical new project or take advantage of a new opportunity.  We have the best hand picked lean and agile professionals to spin up a delivery team quick, ranging from architects, to business analysts , UX designers, developers and tester and everything in between. We only work the best people who have delivered with us over the years. These teams, and individuals are ready to go when you need them – onsite or remotely.
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Agile Digital Transformation

The business world is moving at breakneck speed and organisations need  to adapt and deliver in the new world of agile digital transformations. We can help and  partner with you, with our expert teams and individuals to analyse, design and deliver your new adaptive and responsive digital organisation so you can get to market quicker, be the leader and innovator of your industry. 
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Clients are team have delivered for?



University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford were attempting to deliver a new £2 Million digital application that would cover the landscape of all their colleges to enable a unified view and process for managing student reports, modules and teacher payments
The University were using Agile/Lean/Scrum approaches for mostly the first time and the delivery was not going as expected for them
Our team worked with the University to quickly deep dive into discovering what the main issues and bottlenecks were. Through our insights, experience and team  management skills 
We facilitated the development of a roadmap, an MVP for the product, restructuring of the team and the scrum processes, devops delivery, user testing  and solution architecture 
We supported and coached the cross-functional teams in architecture,  as scrum masters, agile business analysis, UX Design and development
 This resulted in  speeding  up the velocity by 50% and bringing in the delivery timeline  by 12 months, saving the university approx  £500K and delivering  their product earlier to the delight of their users

BP Oil

BP Oil were suspicious their global server estates was not been used efficiently and effectively 
Our team would investigate into this concern and perform a business intelligence project  on their global big data sets
The team would quickly analyse to understand the business and the data situation. This involved collecting, cleansing, and matching the data so the team could engineer a data algorithm. 
Through the modelling and evaluation of the algorithm it would be discovered with hard evidence that BP were wasting significant resources, time and money by running  ineffective and inefficient global servier estates
 Our team developed a business case and solution to the present to the UK CEO which lead to the decommissioning and restructuring of their infrastructure saving them millions of pounds each year  

EuroMoney Instituional Investor

This FTSE 250 finance media company were attempting to deliver a £500k digital replatforming and integration into SalesForce
The project was behind schedule with a number of issues stopping the delivery
Our team member would on onboard,  analyse and pinpoint the priority areas that needed to be fixed to fast track the delivery
This included MVP analysis to get to the essential product. User story analysis and restructuring so the devs and tester could deliver faster. Scrum process analysis and agile  leadership so the right things were happening at the right. DevOps analysis and leadership so the product could go live. 
This resulted with the platform and integration into salesforce been delivered within a few months of onboarding  enabling Euromoney to increase their sales  5x  

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