About ADP

Agile Delivery Partners

Agile Delivery Partners is formed from a group of business technology professionals that have been working in and around the London area for the last 10 plus years on the cities major digital transformation projects.

These include the London Stock Exchange, NHS, UK Government, Ladbrokes & Coral, and the University of Oxford to name but a few. The senior Co founders and leadership team have extensive and second to none agile delivery expertize.

The company has been formed to provide an elite agile software delivery service with the very best handpicked and passionate, agile, professionals,  within the industry, to help organisations deliver their software projects more effective and efficiently, saving time, money and resources. Enabling them to enter the market more quickly on new opportunities, modernize their software delivery process and creating happier and more productive workforce.


Our mission is to support, enable and partner with the business communities to help deliver their key software projects quicker. We love delivering, high quality software, fast, using our unique, cutting edge, lean and agile approaches. We aim to provide :

● Cost reduction in your software delivery
● A more flexible and responsive software development process for your organisation
● Improve your profitability
● Enable digital products to hit your markets quicker
● Attract and retain more talented software professionals to your organisation
● Enable effectiveness and efficiency to your software delivery
● Gain competitive advantage in your industry


  1.  Build a trusted and respected reputation within the industry (Agile, Lean, Tech, Starts ups).
  2. Win awards for excellent services
  3. Onboard 10 of each discipline (Architects/Devs)
  4. Document proof and evidence of reducing costs, speeding up, improving quality of clients tech project
  5. Create opportunities for Graduate/Undergraduates
  6. Providing training and resources to the community
  7. Enable Technology Innovation
  8. Conduct Business with high standards of ethics
  9. Create a great place to work
  10. A champion of the environment
  11. Become an Agile/Lean thought leader
  12. Champion of women in Technology

The Vision

The vision is to become the best global agile and lean software delivery consultancy.

Agile Delivery Partners Moto : Honesty, Smart work, Exceptional Results.

Values & Culture

● We are Agile & Lean
● Honesty
● Hard Work
● Smart Work
● Exceptional Results
● Customer experience is priority
● We are passionate
● Intelligence
● Creativity
● Humour and Fun

Core Services

● Software Delivery Health Check
● Player Coach Certification Training
● Pop Up Delivery Teams
● Pop Up Remote Delivery Teams
● Specialized Delivery Experts to join your Project
● Enterprise Agile Transformation
● Digital Transformation Delivery

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